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Computer Bio-resonance

Health MOT’s – The CoRe System ‘reads’ what your body needs, and then applies it

1 Hour ‘Standstill Position” MOT. Analysis and treatment£195
For the generally healthy, but curious, to find where the gaps may be in their daily health programme. Includes written report, audio report (optional), hour long broadcast of resonant remedy and bespoke Info-ceutical Homeopathic tincture to complete the therapy.  Telephone follow-up after first month to assess change included.

Health Transformation Coaching Packages

These packages are created specifically at the bespoke level for clients – usually after a Health MOT (as above) once the health issues and required treatment level has been established.
These are retainer based contracts paid by direct debit

Numerology Readings

These readings are recorded and emailed. If Numerology counselling is required, this is scheduled separately on Skype or Whatsapp

‘Do my Numbers’ single person reading£45

‘Do our Numbers’ relationship reading£65

Numerology Counselling – careers, family crisis, personal crisisPOA

Art Therapy Workshops

Soulscapes Art Therapy Workshops£75 pp

‘Get your Magpie On’ Art Therapy Workshop£75 pp

Far Infra Red Sauna

Prices include ‘bring a friend’ promotion

Single session – half hour£25
Double session – 1 hour£40
Pack of 10 Single saunas – prepaid£200
Pack of 10 Double saunas- prepaid£375

Holistic Family Health Teaching Workshops


EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique
Reiki 1
Reiki 2 – practitioner level
Numerology 1
Numerology 2
Art Therapy

Additional tools from the ‘Healing Toolbox’

We are excited to share our favourite products………

These are additional exciting tools in our Healing Toolbox which we would never be without, sourced with YOU in mind, to be the safest, most effective, most dependable way to improve your health…the way we use them to improve ours –
See how they may totally transform your life too.

Modere – Link coming soon!