My Purpose

This field is my passion and I feel a strong sense of responsibility towards helping people to discover their original strengths, their birth-right of good health and their soul purpose. And then I help them to begin loving living again in pure alignment with their soul’s intention.


It has been said that I ‘catalyse change’……… and thus my client base grows organically as people report changes & improvements to their friends and family, animals, plants and companies, as they achieve and re-gain a state of original balance.


“The body wants to be well – it just needs the correct ingredients & to be in the correct state of balance” Bonni Southey



“A real inspiration. You encourage, inspire, and teach people. Your work is love made visible. Your gift is helping other people . Intuitive healer. What people get from you is masses and masses more than what they came for . Your role in life is to point people in the right direction . They have got value for money, your clients . You have skills and abilities that are instinctive and intuitive . You are earthed and grounded.”

Derek Hawkins, Astrologer

Dramatic balancing

Based in the UK, and working remotely in radionic mode all over the world – I treat many clients on an ongoing basis, who achieve dramatic balancing results, without even needing to be in the same room, or country as I am. Amazing! Deep gratitude for this miraculous tech and ability!

My healing system – the CoRe Inergetix – is very portable and flexible, and thus I am able to travel to various different places and do ‘clinics’ and ‘retreats’ to make this very effective ‘coal face technology’ accessible to even more people.

Ireland, France, Mexico, Colorado, USA and South Africa have all been destinations and I am currently working throughout England.

The subtlety of how the CoRe Inergetix works at the Informational level is quite profound – at times it feels as though I am speaking to the soul itself…..!’

Holistic Family Health

Clients Reviews

Computer Bioresonance

Imagine if you had a wise friend who understood everything about you and your body, mind, spirit and deepest intuitive processes and was able to reflect them back at you at a vibrational and resonant level so that you were able to heal in the most profound way possible, so that you subtly sense possibility, yet can’t quite get your mind around, but ‘know’ that it is working????

And it WORKS?? Imagine symptoms melting away? Imagine being able to forget the symptoms because they are no longer there??


Aha…Moments cause the necessary informational shifts which lead to understanding and ultimately health. Education and self-awareness are key – with the realization that we are co-creators in our existence, it follows that we create all aspects of our reality.

I aim to awaken clients and students to the ‘why’ of their creations and unravel the symbolism of the illnesses that the body manifests.


What are you subconsciously projecting that may be creating the ill-health? Why are you creating that problem? Why there in the body particularly? Illness is a state of imbalance in the body, so what can you do to shift the patterns of imbalance in the body? What simple changes need to happen to re-balance the body? What elements may be missing from your make- up preventing healing? A mineral? A vitamin? An organ not functioning properly? A hormonal picture out of balance? A disrupted energy state? A blockage in the flow of energy?

The body is the report card of the Higher Self and it faithfully reproduces a result – not always a comfortable one! These psycho spiritual causative effects are ultimately the reason why we get ill – so it makes sense to understand them and their symbolism, so that you can change the them and then change the physiological effects which have been created as a result …