The Numbers Lady

Your birthdate – the moment you first drew breath on the planet – is an incredible indicator of your character. Your strengths. Your weaknesses. Your life purpose. Your life lessons.

Your Soul’s Blue Print. A Soulprint for this lifetime.

This is The SatNav Guide to Your Life – That Didn’t Come in Any Baby Manual …..!

Numerology is a science and an art

Regardless of whether you were born prematurely, or late, a natural birth or an assisted birth – you would have arrived on the perfect date at a frequency or vibrational level to best support the life you came in to live.

Each number resonates with a frequency… which resonates with a musical note…which resonates with a color frequency…..which resonates at the same frequency as a part of your body….and at the same frequency of an astrological sign , a planet and element. We live in a vibrational Universe. Everything has resonance. Every single thing is connected and operates in a relationship with everything else.

  • What does all of the MEAN I hear you ask?
  • More and more I am being asked by people to”Do My Numbers”
  • We realise that our birthdate describes and reflects our destiny.
  • ‘Personal readings’ reveal ‘the blueprint’ for this lifetime and awaken you to the ‘why’ of your life – Learning? Challenges? Gifts? Life purpose?
  • ‘Relationships readings’ reveal what you are here to teach and learn from each other -whether parent-child, lovers, siblings.

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