Core Inergetix bio-resonance

Core Inergetix bio-resonance

The purpose of the CoRe Balance program is to identify imbalance and to re-balance any areas of your life – mental, physical, emotional, spiritual – in order to create an informational shift to enable the increasing of consciousness and therefore balancing and healing at all of these levels.

This is cutting edge stuff….!!!

A Quantum Physicist Would Eloquently Explain How This Is Even Possible. The Results Speak For Themselves.

The closest thing to a ‘miracle healing machine’ you will ever find…. try it! You will be amazed!

This technology works outside of time and space – so we can work with you, whether you are right here, right now – or further away……

France, America, on holiday in the Maldives……???

“All illness and dis-ease is due to vibrational imbalance”

Everything, everything, everything, everything…. Any condition is a by product of vibrational discord

Esther Hicks – Abraham

All things, conditions and possibilities in our world are connected and interrelated. The CoRe Inergetix System has an amazing capacity to reveal these connections and relationships in a very personal way and point them out in just a few minutes in a way that even the best human minds cannot do.

The CoRe Inergetix is the most advanced tool of its kind as all those who are using it can attest. Its innovative design and capabilities are breaking new ground and preparing the way for the fast expansion of natural medicine into the realm of energy and information.

This new, advanced technology, based on Quantum Physics and Global Scaling, has unlimited possibilities for health and balance.. It provides spiritual and energy medicine with the much awaited grounding into science and practical reality.

How does this WORK….??

Informational evaluation is done through the use of your image (a recent photograph), your date of birth, place of birth, and your name – as they contain your informational and energetic ‘signature’ or ‘fingerprint’.

The CoRe Balance ‘treatment’ is a process performed by exposing your details to energetic and informational balancing frequencies on its extensive database. We use the CoRe to identify imbalances at the resonance level, and then broadcast those energies back to you – or your company, child, pet, horse, cattle or farmland….!! (Any living entity can be treated)

This happens whilst you are sitting in front of a computer, or remotely on a video call – initially doing an analysis to assess all of the resonant frequencies, and then doing the treatment, which involves broadcasting all of those resonances to you.

Working with the homeopathic principle of ‘like cures like’ at the most subtle level possible.

A bespoke homeopathic Infoceutical Tincture is calibrated for you – which is essentially a ‘laser delivery’ of the healing resonances YOU particularly need.

Radionic broadcasts are beamed to you for several weeks after your treatment – to re-inforce the full effect of the healing……..and SHIFT HAPPENS…!!

Time to book YOUR treatment…..???

Click through to the CoRe Quantum Health Clinic page where you can book a ‘ Discovery Call’ or go straight into booking the treatment of your choice on our online calender. Whether this is a year long transformational coaching programme, or an hour long ‘Health Assessment’ treatment to solve an immediate problem.

We make bespoke treatments designed to suit you perfectly – and to take you from today to a much better place for tomorrow – and for all your tomorrows……

See the options or book a Discovery Call….click through to the CoRe Quantum Health Clinic page for listings of treatments.

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